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Maya Vakfı Psikolog Arıyor

Güncelleme Tarihi 24.02.2020

Maya Vakfı, İstanbul ofisinde görevlendirmek üzere psikolog arıyor. İlana son başvuru tarihi 20 Mart 2020

İlan Detayları şöyle; 

About Maya Vakfı

Maya Vakfı is a non-profit organization that offers mental health and psycho-social support (MHPSS) to refugee and host community children who have experienced traumatic life events, including challenging socio-economic conditions, domestic abuse, immigration due to war, and/or losing loved ones to violence. Maya Vakfı provides trauma rehabilitation activities for children in the Balat Field Office through creative workshops which give opportunities for these children to express themselves through art, music, dance and movement activities to help them cope with their trauma and aid with their recovery.  In addition, Maya also places great importance on integrating Psychosocial Support techniques into the education system through its Trauma Informed Schools (TIS) Program.  Strengthening the knowledge and know-how of civil servants and the civil society sector is enhanced through Capacity Building Initiatives and through its Volunteer Program Maya Vakfı provides training, support and mentoring to volunteers on Psychosocial Support, trauma rehabilitation and child protection.

Maya Vakfi’s Trauma Informed Schools (TIS) program aims to provide a holistic approach by providing training, support and follow-up to school teachers and counsellors, psycho-social sessions to children, positive parenting seminars to parents, and activities to prevent bullying in schools.  In cooperation with the Ministry of National Education (MoNE), Maya Vakfi has authorization to implement the TIS program in seven provinces across Turkey. 

Maya Vakfi is seeking “Senior Psychologist” to effectively lead the team for the field practices in Istanbul, collaboratively with Sanliurfa team, reporting to Project Manager and Program Coordinator during the 2019/2020 school year.

Essential Duties

  • Providing educational supervision/consultation and advice to TIS team
  • Providing psychosocial support through group sessions and psycho-education to school teachers, school counsellors, parents/caregivers and children between 5-18
  • Supporting clinical guidelines for TIS Programme
  • Responsible for maintaining an up-to-date supervision on a weekly basis to Trauma Informed School Programme Team
  • Ethical considerations in group counseling and issues in group co-facilitation.
  • Facilitating weekly group activities and trainings
  • Ensuring activities are up to standard and results are in line with project objectives and      outcomes
  • Ensuring disaggregated and cumulative tracking of TIS Clinical Team and documentation of all activities and outcomes
  • In collaboration with the management and TIS team, suggesting innovative preventive mental health interventions and activities for the implementation of TIS Programme (if necessary)
  • Assisting the TIS Project Manager in providing sufficient and detailed information for activity reporting and M&E (monitoring and evaluation)
  • Taking a leading role in maintaining and following the monitoring and evaluation of the program, conducting regular checks, auditing assessment processes, surveys and acting as a focal point for TIS Program data follow-up
  • Reporting directly to the TIS Project Manager on Psychosocial Support activities, participating in the monitoring of the project, and producing relevant information about the project activities and achievements
  • Supporting operational organization of field trips and TIS Programme activities
  • Representing the foundation and TIS Programme on behalf of project manager in external settings in need
  • Any other relevant duties requested by the project manager

Qualifications, Experience and specification

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology; Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology or any relevant area of expertise (Counseling Psychology, Social Science, Teaching etc.)
  • At least 4 years of experience as a psychologist and facilitating psycho-educative groups
  • An experience in similar role in humanitarian assistance/with other Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is an asset
  • Experience of working as a psychologist or PSS expert and/or having in-depth knowledge on the education sector or MHPSS services in Turkey would be an added value
  • At least 3 years’ experience in organizing and facilitating trainings preferably with adults in a school context
  • Experience in working with children and/or families in the context of trauma, loss, refugees and/or other vulnerable groups of people
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills with the ability to articulate an idea clearly and concisely in public
  • No restrictions with in-country travel (e.g. Şanlıurfa)
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Good ability to make proactive suggestions or solve problems arise in the field
  • Ability to manage priorities, take initiatives and work without constant supervision
  • Fluent in Turkish and English, oral and written
  • Ability to work in a cross-cultural environment
  • Ability to be flexible, work in a fluid context and adaptation for unexpected situations
  • Capacity to work both independently and collaboratively work as part of a team
  • Good command of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel Outlook)
  • Qualities as confidentiality, multi-cultural flexibility, stress management and a strong sense of integrity

How to apply 

Interested candidates are required to submit a CV and a Cover letter to provided in the apply/başvur button referring to the position they are applying for by March 20th , 2020.

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