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Maya Vakfı Finans Uzmanı Arıyor

Güncelleme Tarihi 26.03.2020
Maya Vakfı, İstanbul ofisinde görevlendirmek üzere finans uzmanı arıyor. Vakfın ilanına son başvuru tarihi 15 Nisan 2020. İlanla ilgilenler özgeçmişlerini adresine iletebilirler. 
İlan Detayları şöyle; 
About Maya Vakfı
Maya Vakfı is a non-profit organization that offers mental health and psycho-social support (MHPSS) to refugee and host community children who have experienced traumatic life events, including challenging socio-economic conditions, domestic abuse, immigration due to war, and/or losing loved ones to violence. Maya Vakfı provides trauma rehabilitation activities for children in the Balat Child and Youth Center through creative workshops which give opportunities for these children to express themselves through art, music, dance and movement activities to help them cope with their trauma and aid with their recovery.
In addition, Maya also places great importance on integrating Psychosocial Support techniques into the education system through its Trauma Informed Schools Program. Strengthening the knowledge and know-how of civil servants and the civil society sector is enhanced through Capacity Building Initiatives and finally, through its Volunteer Program Maya provides training, support and mentoring to volunteers on Psychosocial Support, trauma rehabilitation and child protection.
Essential Duties
  • Provide overall support and assistance to the Finance Coordinator in managing and running all finance and administration related activities for Maya Vakfı.
  • Overall responsibility in ensuring donor financial regulations are met, reporting obligations are completed on time, and financial documentation is in order.
  • Ensuring all payments related to projects are done in a timely manner and according to established budget projects
  • Managing petty cash and ensuring accurate and efficient cash management
  • Assisting with administration/HR related issues are dealt with in a professional manner
  • Act as a focal point with donor and partner finance focal points Qualifications, Experience and Attributes,
  • Undergraduate university degree in Business, Economics, Accounting or related fields
  • At least 3 years of experience in a similar role with at least 1-2 years’ experience working with international and national NGOs in Turkey
  • Experience with drafting financial reports, budget management and cash-flow management
  • Knowledge on maintaining accurate balance sheets, income statements and other financial statements/reports
  • Registered to İşkur
  • Disability degree of at least 40%. Having a health report approved by the relevant institutions.
  • Knowledge of accounting processes and reconciliations is desirable
  • Fluent in English and Turkish. 

How to apply

Interested candidates should send their CV to The deadline for applications is 15 April 2020.

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