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We Failed to Access Information in Pandemic

Last Update 04.06.2020

With the “normalization” plans, while the pandemic is slowly moving away from our agenda, we talked with Emre Taşgın from the Association of Visually Impaired in Education about disabled groups in the pandemic.

Taşgın who said that Turkey did not pass a good test in accessibility during the pandemic, claimed most of the disabled people need the support of somebody else because the essential supports were not provided in the outbreak.

If the accessibility-related studies had been done, disabled people would able to meet their needs by themselves, said Taşgın, there is not enough effort to prepare websites, mobile applications, interactive contents, educational materials, and informative documents in terms of accessibility of different disabled groups. Taşgın who reminded accessibility is one of the fundamental human rights, emphasized that policy-makers need to embrace the right-based approach in respect of disability.

* The language of the video is Turkish.

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