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We Are Not in The Same Ship in Pandemic

Last Update 04.06.2020

LGBTI + groups who have problems in accessing rights in "normal" time and whose rights are violated, especially the right to life, face serious problems in the pandemic process. We talked to Yıldız Tar from Kaos GL about how LGBTI + people experienced the pandemic. 

While various measures are being taken in the COVID-19 epidemic, the fragile sections, especially those who have to stay and work at home, who are forced to stay and work at home, who are in the deep poverty, those who live with the street economy, the disabled, and refugees, continue to be “more” affected by the pandemic.

KAOS GL media and communications director Yıldız Tar underlined that not everyone is on the same ship, and that LGBTI +, which became the target of hate campaigns during coronavirus days, had problems in many topics from health to employment.

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