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The Development Workshop Is Monitoring The Effects Of Pandemic On Seasonal Agricultural Work

Last Update 02.06.2020

The Development Workshop continues to map monitoring activities for seasonal mobile agricultural workers and their children during the COVID-19 pandemic period. 

The data on the subject is shared by The Development Workshop as weekly.

The Development Workshop, which exercises mapping work to demonstrate the effects of coronavirus crisis on seasonal mobile agricultural workers’ families and children and to monitor the studies done, carries out their works through the support of the “Etkiniz EU Programme”.

In addition to these maps, The Development Workshop, which visualizes their monitoring studies weekly, realizes visual production in different topics. While The Development Workshop visualizes the education studies and policies implemented by countries in the pandemic process, they also prepared the Activity of Seasonal Mobile Agricultural Workers, Road Map for Field Workers, and Agricultural Intermediaries.

You can follow the Development Workshop's monitoring activities regarding the COVID-19 outbreak at

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