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Pandemic Has Deepened the Poverty

Last Update 04.06.2020

We talked with Ertan Karabıyık from Development Workshop regarding the most affected vulnerable groups by the coronavirus crisis, how they were affected by the outbreak and the measures had been taken.

While “stay at home” calls had been repeated from the first day, the rising voice from this segment of society was “we cannot stay at home”. Karabıyık said "stay home" calls are necessary for the management of the process well and reducing the effects of the disease, while those who cannot stay at home are the people from the lowest segment of society who have to work and gain daily money.

The language of the video is Turkish.

Karabıyık who emphasized that immigrants that are working for daily wages have lost their jobs and the difficulties they are already facing with are increased with the pandemic, also said that there should be exclusive measures to be taken for the seasonal mobile agricultural workers.

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