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Memory Box of Child Rights: Only Child

Last Update 18.05.2020

Only Child Initiative, founded by the effort of creating a right-based memory in respect of human rights of children and child rights movement, sets light to the children's rights area of Turkey with “Child Rights and Memory Conversations”.

Child Rights and Memory Conversations and Only Child Memory Box can be watched via YouTube.

Interviews, one of the efforts to generate a right-based memory, aim to remember reference points or incidents that are inspiring, strengthening or worrying about child rights and child rights movement since the creation of agreement regarding child rights and taking as a reference in Turkey and aim to remind them in digital platforms.

* The language of the video is Turkish.

Experiences of lots of courses and people took place in “Only Child” video interviews, such as activists, initiatives, platforms, civil society organizations, trade unions, trade associations, universities, publishers, media, theatre, cinema, and museums.

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