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LGBTI+'s Human Rights Report 2019: Increased Violations of Public Authorities

Last Update 18.05.2020

Kaos GL Association has published the Human Rights Report of LGBTI + in 2019. In the report prepared by lawyer Yasemin Öz; There are cases of application and human rights violations that prevent LGBTI + s access to human rights in 2019.

In the report, it was noted that violations against LGBTI + s became visible in 2019 and there was an increase in the process of taking legal action against violations, while positive developments were limited in 2019.
"There is an increase in the number of violations originating from direct authorities and law enforcement officers, and the number of violations from the community remains intensive," the report said. While comparing the violations that took place in 2019 and 2018 in the report, it was noted that the number of violations increased in the areas of Torture and Prohibition of Abuse, Freedom of Expression, Meeting and Demonstration and Housing-Travel and Heritage Rights, and an increase in the number of violations in the field of Person Freedom and Security.  
Please click to read the full report.
* The language of the report is Turkish.
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