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From Loss of Control to New Normal: Pandemic Days

Last Update 02.06.2020

We talked with Dr. Aybil Göker and Ezgi Hünerli from HABITUS Social Impact Association, about COVID-19 outbreak which first entered into the agenda of China, then of the world, and how it is perceived and experienced in Turkey.

HABITUS Social Impact Association that is established by a group of social scientists in pandemic days, shared the results of their research on how COVID-19 is understood and experienced in Turkey through having in-depth interviews with 80 people, with public opinion in two parts.

While claiming that the outbreak leads a feeling of losing control in the early days of the pandemic, Göker ve Hünerli said that with the increasing amount of time spent at home in the latter days of the pandemic, we’re trying to create temporary normals.

Göker and Hünerli also said that we’re gradually eluding from our mood that paralyzed due to following the agenda and focused on the balance sheet of the outbreak and desperate with the extending process of voluntarily quarantine and started to adjust our new daily lives generated under the new circumstances.

* The language of the video is Turkish.

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