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Disabled People Have Hard Times Ahead After the Pandemic

Last Update 04.06.2020

While the measures taken with the decrease in the number of cases in the COVID19 pandemic were gradually relaxed, we talked about the experiences of disabled groups on the occasion of Disabled Week which is on 10-16th of May. 

Süleyman Akbulut from Social Rights and Researches Association claimed that people with disabilities are having trouble in reaching medical services which they should have reached regularly. Akbulut said that there are a lot of problems because the measures taken for the pandemic mostly ignored disabled groups.
Akbulut said that the situation after the pandemic will lead to further problems for the disabled and the economic crisis caused by the pandemic will affect health services at first. Akbulut mentioned that they foresaw a possible budget cut in medical support, disability, and care salary which disabled people are benefiting from and said there will be problems in most fields, especially in special education and employment.
* The language of the video is Turkish.
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