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COVID-19 Problem Map from the Youth Organizations Forum

Last Update 03.06.2020

The Youth Organizations Forum (Go-For) launched a mapping study to monitor the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth. Go-For, which takes action to report the problems and rights violations experienced by young individuals during the pandemic, expects young people who have problems due to pandemics to report to the map.

While it is possible to mark violations of rights for nine different themes in the system, it is possible to map violations of rights other than these areas from the "other" option except for health, shelter, education, political participation, work, right to life, freedom of expression, freedom of organization and assembly and anti-discrimination.

In the mapping work, which had been done to make the violations experienced due to COVID-19 visible, to ease the monitoring and reporting of these violations, to ensure the youth rights issues mainstream and to establish a basis while undertaking the rights of the youth in this field, the violations can be analyzed anonymously on a provincial/district basis.

According to TurkStat (TUIK) data, in 2020 more than 25% of Turkey's population is in the young category, while Turkey is among the countries with the youngest populations in Europe. While various age groups, genders, and social classes are differently affected by this pandemic process, some of the rights violations that can be followed on the map include scholarship cuts, dismissals, lack of access to online education, and salary cuts.

To reach the map, you can visit

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