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Civil Society Is Aware Of Its Responsibilities

Last Update 04.06.2020

Last week, TUSEV released to the public the results of its survey that was conducted to determine how the outbreak of COVID-19 affected civil society organizations and their
common problems in this process in a more participatory way. 

As non-governmental organizations stated in the survey that their work with the outbreak of COVID-19 was significantly disrupted, the survey results revealed that the needs in the working areas of the organizations have increased along with the epidemic.

We discussed the survey which measured the response of the civil society to the crisis of Coronavirus and its results with the Secretary General of TUSEV, Rana Kotan. Underlining
that she is aware of the responsibility of non-governmental organizations, Kotan indicated that everyone, especially those who has been donating grants to ensure the survival of civil society whose fundraising activities were disrupted due to the pandemic, have responsibility.

* The language of the video is Turkish.

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