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How Can You Benefit From STGM

Civil Society Development Centre

Last Update 25.06.2010
  • The principal function of STGM is to provide free services and support to civil organisations needed to enhance their capacities.
  • STGM does not provide financial aid but helps civil organisations increase their capabilities.
  • The target group of STGM are the local civil organizations that are active in the fields of gender, children, youth, human rights, disabled, environment, art and culture/cultural rights. Local civil organisations active in one of these fields can fully enjoy support and services of STGM.
  • STGM is not an institution or project of the EU. The EU funded project "Strengthening Freedom of Association for Further Development of Civil Society" is one of the projects carried out by STGM.
  • STGM is a legal association and an independent civil society organisation engaged in various activities in accordance with its objectives and principles.

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How can you benefit from STGM?

Last Update 25.06.2010

Civil networks

Suppose you want to create a civil network with other civil organisations active in your field of study or geographical area. Or, there is a civil network and you wish to enhance its capacity or initiate cooperation with other organisations. Once you apply to STGM on this issue, we can discuss ways to cooperate or the kind of support we can provide.


Suppose there is an environmental problem or violation of human rights or practices leading to discrimination where you live and you want to launch a campaign to solve the problem. You may contact STGM and enjoy our support in the fields of "discrimination" and "sustainable utilisation of natural resources."

STGM does not directly provide financial resources to campaigns; but it can provide support in the form of printed materials and stationery. STGM may further mediate between you and a public relations expert and help you get technical support for the planning, implementation and promotion of your campaign. If you are conducting a pledge campaign, we provide you a link in our website. We inform all organisations listed in our database about your campaign and in our bulletins we publish news about your campaign. So we can act as an intermediary to extend this news to at least 10,000 people in a short time.


Through our "NGO Legal Advisory Line" in our website, we extend free legal counseling services to NGOs. During the first year of the project about 200 individual questions were responded. You can access these questions and answers in our website. Please check whether a similar question has been answered before posting your own.

STGM website also includes news of concern for civil society, relevant legislation, NGO projects, grant programs and funding sources; various reports, articles and interviews as well as training materials. Besides, we publish Turkish translations of foreign articles on various subject areas.

We present in our website a database consisting information about 7,500 NGOs Including our target audience in our thematic fields.

To inform the NGOs about the EU negotiation process and ensure their participation in this process, we communicate with NGOs in our target group about each negotiation heading as it is announced.

Technical support

We are able to extend technical support to civil organisations in our target group to help them prepare project proposals. Suppose you have a proposal concerning the solution of a specific problem in your region but you have difficulty in giving this idea a formal proposal format, just let us know and we�l discuss your proposal with you.

For the meetings and capacity building activities, we provide consultants to help in headings like conflict resolution, communication and strategic planning.

As STGM we also provide technical support to form democratic participation mechanisms between NGOs and local governments.

Giving priority to local NGOs in our target group, we are carrying out lobbying and advocacy activities for NGOs in general.

For those NGOs facing difficulty in finding a venue for their meetings, we offer our 25-person capacity meeting room free of charge.

We can provide free counseling services to those NGOs who want to contact civil organisations in the EU or invite subject specialists from the EU or candidate countries to their seminars and meetings.


Our target group of NGOs having the priority, you can participate in our training sessions carried on countrywide, for free. Qualifications required to take part in training, the time and venue of training are regularly announced in our website. By the end of 2007, STGM aims to contact two thousand NGO representatives through the training activities that will be held in 18 provincial centres encompassing 81 provinces.

We provide our documentary film, "Project Stories from Civil Society" in which various successful projects mostly from abroad have been narrated, free of charge to all NGOs who wish to use it in their training activities.


At the STGM library in the office in Ankara, there are about 380 books on subjects including civil society, environment, human rights, gender, women and feminism, people with disabilities, ethnic cultures, LGBTT, European Union. Besides books of theoretical and practical knowledge and specific works in targeted fields, one can also access to some rare reports either in print or in electronic form.

Furthermore, through "e-library" link in our website, you can access civil society related reports, training materials, NGO legislation, articles, interviews and documents related to the EU.

Our bi-monthly bulletin "Sivilİz" published both in Turkish and English, provides news and information about our activities, interviews with civil activists and training announcements.

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This website is published under the European Union funded project "Civil Society Development for Active Participation" implemented by STGM.
The contents do not necessarily reflect the official views of European Union.