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We’re Together In The Pandemic, Let’s Continue To Live Together!

Last Update 18.05.2020

We’re All Immigrants Say No To Racism Platform launched a signature campaign by saying “Grant refugee status to all immigrants in Turkey!” to continue to live with immigrants who are one of the main victims of coronavirus crisis.

Activists reminding that there are 4 thousand doctors which nearly include 3 thousand Syrian doctors are at struggle with coronavirus and 2 of them had lost their lives so far, also emphasized that we’re fighting against every problem together with immigrants. 

Apart from organizations such as Justice Ground, Association of Leather Textile and Shoe Workers, Association of Inter-Community Solidarity Bridge, We’re All Immigrants Say No To Racism Platform, Izmir Musicians Association and Media of Refugee Assocation; there are also names who support the campaign such as Atilla Aytemur, Berrin Sevimli, Burhan Kavuncu, Evrim Kepenek, Fatma Akdokur, Fatma Örgel, Ferda Keskin, Ferhat Kentel, Gülayşe Koçak, Hidayet Şefkatli Tuksal ,İslam Özkan, Jale Mildaoğlu, Mehmet Ali Devecioğlu, Mehmet Arif Koçer, Nurcan Kaya, Şenol Karakaş, Yasin Altıntaş, Yıldız Önen, Yasemin Kipkurt and Zeycan Alkış.


While highlighting that the most suffered ones from the economic results of the pandemic are both workers from Turkey and immigrants, it’s also mentioned that immigrants become unemployed similar to other workers in these days that the workplaces are closed and at least half of the undeclared immigrant workers such as Ali Hemdan who killed by a police bullet in Adana are unemployed right now.

In the statement, while indicating that there is no status given for the immigrants for many years and their life which is hardly spending without fundamental rights has become worse by the coronavirus crisis, it is reminded that immigrants could not benefit from state aids and health services because there is no refugee status granted for them. While issuing a call for authorities to give temporary citizenship, remove limitation in getting treatment, provide a benefit for the state aid and a life without the fear of being deported for all immigrants during the pandemic days and finally for the permanent solution regarding the immigrant problem, the refugee status which provides legal right to work and live without fear is demanded

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