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We Organized Research, Advocacy and Participation Training

Last Update 26.02.2020

Trainings about the capacity building activities continue within the scope of Right to Participation and Freedom of Association Project which is executed by us STGM. The second one of the Right to Participation Training Series, which covers different dimensions of the right to participate and aims to build capacity in this field, was organized
in Ankara on 19-22 February under the title Research, Advocacy and Participation.

11 CSOs working in different thematic areas participated in the training. Participating organizations operate in thematic areas such as the environment, refugee rights, children's
rights, gender equality, disability rights, and access to justice.
During the first two days of the training, project coordinator Hakan Ataman provided information about the various dimensions of advocacy and shared examples of case-based
and policy-based advocacy with the participants. On the third day of the training, Derya Göçer talked about how the research techniques can be used as an advocacy tool. Göçer also conducted a workshop about how each organization can specify a research topic, method and questions in their working area.
Experience sharing sessions were also held during the four-day training. Buket Atlı, from the Right to Clean Air Platform, mentioned the work and success of the platform on the
application of filters in thermal power plants. Fevzi Özlüer from the Ecology Union also provided information on how the right to information can turn into a tool of participation and advocacy. In this session, the responses to the applications made by the organizations to the CIMER system in the first training were also discussed. Tactics were shared on what could be done about the samples that were not answered adequately or not answered at all.
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