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We Listen to CSOs in the Fight Against COVID-19

Last Update 08.04.2020

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed the lives of all of us significantly and which the whole world is struggling with is on the agenda of civil society. At first the
coronavirus was on the agenda of China then it became the agenda of the world and it is also on the agenda of Turkey since Health Ministry's statement on March 11…

In these challenging days, in which our anxiety and fear levels are so high it is very important to think and act together, to be side by side and to be in solidarity. For this reason, we listen to the experiences and opinions of CSOs in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

These experiences of civil society, which respond to measures and practices that are produced very quickly as soon as the crisis occurred, are extremely valuable for the whole
country and they deserve to be heard more. That is why we have devoted our first bulletin to the works of civil society organizations on the COVID-19 pandemic.

While combating the COVID-19 pandemic, we will try to listen, announce and spread the works of civil society organizations.

You can find our broadcasts titled We Listen to CSOs During the Pandemic on our YouTube channel.

Important note: The language of the videos is Turkish.

Hope to see you on healthy days…

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