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We Got Together with CSOs from Different Cities in CSO Management Training

Last Update 03.03.2020

We organized CSO Management Training in Ankara and Antalya to contribute to the development of the management and resource development capacities of CSOs and to
introduce the basic analysis tools necessary for their organizational development. 

Representatives of 24 CSOs working in different cities participated in the trainings we organized within the scope of the CSOs Resource Center Project, which we carry out with the financial support of the European Union.

In the trainings we organized to contribute to the development of the management and resource development capacities of CSOs, we talked about the basic concepts of CSO
management, organizational design and institutionalization and a simultaneous workshop was held. In the three-day trainings, following topics were discussed: human resources management, stakeholder analysis, strategic management and planning. Information was provided about the main concepts of organizational communication and communication strategy.

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