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“Water is not only Energy Source!”

Last Update 21.12.2010

İkizdere which is announced as protected area is accepted in hydroelectric power plant project; Özer from TEMA is reacted: “İkizdere is not construction site!” and added “Despite the cancellation decisions and reactions from area construction are continuing, moreover, new two projects will effect more negatively. Water cannot be reduced to position of energy source. “

Mehmet Başar, chairman of Karacaören Nature Tourism and Promotion of Culture and Solidarity Association, emphasized that HEP project will damage agriculture in 13 villages also including cultural enrichment. To protest continued construction of the HEP by Orya Energy Company, in the region of Kastamonu Loc Valley Protection Platform is sitting for three days in front of the building continues to act. Platforms from different regions such as “Derelerin Kardeşiliği Platformu” and “Protection of Çoruh Aksu Valley Platform” supported the sitting protest.

Translation: Demet Gülçiçek (Volunteer of Civil Society Development Center)

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