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“War” and “Dams” will be debated in Diyarbakır Ecology Forum

Last Update 28.01.2011

In Ecology Forum, scientists and environmentalists from national and international areas will be  meet in 29-30 January in Diyarbakır Ecology Forum.

The issues will mainly focus on “Destruction of war in environmental areas”, “Effects of dams to health”, “GMO and biodiversities” and “Political ecology and ecosocialism” in Sümerbank Campus.

Saleh Rabi (Palestine Institute of Water), Slyvia Marcos (Mexico), Nedim Tüzün (Diyarbakır Electrical Engineering Association), Prof. Dr. Kemal Güven (Dicle University Environmental Research Center) will be in the forum.

It is also mentioned that “The main reason of wars in Middle East is that power struggles, lack of awareness of diversities of different communities, exploitation of natural resources such as petrol and water.  This leads to dependency of modern-global-capitalist relations.

For program of forum in Turkish:

Translation: Demet Gülçiçek (Volunteer of Civil Society Development Center)

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