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Voices from DEMOS on All Podcast Platforms

Last Update 18.05.2020

It is now possible to listen to the works of DEMOS Research Center, which was founded in Ankara in 2015 and works on peace, social memory, confronting the past, human rights, citizenship and democracy, and social movements. Podcasts of DEMOS are available on various podcast platforms such as Spotify, Overcast and Apple.

In DEMOS podcasts, it is possible to listen the recent reports in the fields of democracy and peace, the current studies on the critical peace and transitional justice fields; especially various folks’ experience on peace, human rights, transitional justice, memory and identity in Turkey and the world.

You can listen to the episode “Voices from DEMOS Introduction#0” (“In Our Focus” series) where DEMOS introduces itself and talks about the prepared podcast contents on whichever platform you would like to.

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