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Unprotected Wetlands of Ayvalık

Last Update 28.12.2010

Due to unplanned construction Wetlands of Ayvalık damaged; even though it is the life main source of the area. The boundary of wetlands is waters that is natural or artificial, permanent or seasonal, sweet, bitter or salty, stagnant or flowing water bodies, swamps. Wetland is the reserving for ground water, protecting from flood, conserving local climate, purifying toxic waste. Moreover, it supplies work opportunity in a ecological way and supplies life chance for water animals.

Ayvalık is one of the 135 as a wetland in Turkey. In the area, visible damage is emerged because of unplanned construction. But still it has a crucial importance for human and other beings. Şeytan Sofrası Lagoon, Sarımsaklı Subasar Çayırları and Ayvalık Salt Marsh is there of the unprotected area.

Translation: Demet Gülçiçek (Volunteer of Civil Society Development Center)


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