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Turkey is the 24th in carbon emission

Last Update 07.02.2011

According to the report of American Energy Data Management, even the recession which after the 1930s cannot reduce the carbon emissions on a global scale. Then news published in English Guardian mentioned that the carbon emission in Turkey is decreased 7.3% compared with previous year.

This data is ensured only from thermal and natural gas reactors and only from emissions of automobiles.

In the list, Chine is the first one (7 billion 711 tons) and America follows with the emission of (5 billion 425 tons). First two  includes only Germany and England in the boundaries of Europe.

Turkey’s number is 253 billion tons in that data.

Lastly, emission is decreased in Africa and Eurasia and increased in Middle East and North America.

Translation: Demet Gülçiçek (Volunteer of Civil Society Development Center)

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