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The Recording Of The Webinar With Acik Acik Platform Is On Air

Last Update 12.06.2020

We talked with Itır Erhart, one of the founding members of the Open Open Platform, in the first of the "Fundraising Seminars for CSOs" that we organized to support non-governmental organizations' fundraising activities. In the webinar organized by the European Union financed by the CSO Resource Center Project, we talked about the Open Open Platform, which works on transparency and accountability, and how civil society organizations can benefit from the platform within the scope of fund development. 

While Erhart stated that in the process of platform’s starting, according to her first observations, both civil society organizations and individuals hardly talked with each other, said that the fieldwork they had done revealed that donation practices are related to reliance. Therefore, Erhart stated that they constructed Açık Açık as a structure that takes transparency and accountability to the center, and said that the slogan of "Soul in comfort, mind in comfort" was developed based on these two principles.

You can watch the recording of the webinar from the link below. * 

*The language of publication is Turkish.

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