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STGM Online Training Continues: Project Cycle Management Training Completed

Last Update 30.06.2020

Within the STGM Resource Center Project, which is funded by the European Union and conducted by us, the lecture of Project Cycle Management had occurred last week as an online course. 

The Project originally had been planned as formal training in March and April, however, due to the pandemic it had been postponed. The Project Cycle Management is completed with the participants who are designated for the formal training between June 18 – 21.

Under the heading of Project Development in Education, group works and exercises are conducted in the fields of problem-aim-strategy analysis, logical framework approach, and logical framework matrix.
After the headings of Project development in education, which had been arranged with mixed methods (group works, exercises, synchronous sessions that contain general arguments and asynchronous expert lecture videos), the fundamental notions of Project management had commenced.
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