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Rights of Persons with Disabilities Platform

Last Update 11.01.2013

A search meeting with the support of STGM took place on the 15th and 16th of September in which representatives from 21 different CSOs attended to realize the sustainability and support the institutionalization of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Platform.

engelliNejat Taştan facilitated the meeting, which started with the evaluation of activities of the Prevention of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities Platform and Monitoring, Defending and Enhancing the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Platform. Following the presentations of Süleyman Akbulut and İdil Işıl Gül, activities on
advocacy were highlighted by the platforms with shadow reports and it was decided that the Persons with Disabilities Platform should carry these on. The platform will continue its activities by the short-term action plan developed in the meeting and a long-term strategy will be established in the upcoming days.

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