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Organizational Coaching Program is Starting

Last Update 30.07.2019

Funded by the European Union, CSO Resource Center that has been working for the aim of development of research, advocacy, monitoring capacities and empowerment of institutional, financial and administrative structures of civil society organizations in Turkey, is carrying out ‘Organizational Coaching Program’.

The program is designed as a customized technical support structured in line with the needs of the CSO’s. In the program, one-to-one work will be conducted with 15 local CSO’s. These organizations will have the opportunity to work with the experts face to face or online.

Within the scope of the program, support will be given under the below mentioned headings:

Participation and Organization
● Development of Digital Advocacy Campaign
● Local and National Networking
● Policy Monitoring and/or Shadow Report Preparation

Organizational Development
● Development of Strategic Plan
● Monitoring and Evaluation of the Works of the organization
● Development of Collaboration with Volunteers Program
● Development of Communication Plan
● Development of Digital Communication Plan
● Organizational Finance Management

Mainstreaming Rights-Based Approach:
In line with the organizational need, embedding gender equality, child rights, disability rights, environmental/ecological rights based approaches into the works of organization.

In the first phase of the program, a needs assessment will be conducted with the CSOs by an expert, and the content, form and schedule of the support that the organization will recieve will be established. In the second stage, CSOs will be able to work face-to-face or online with the same expert.

Associations, foundations, non-profit cooperatives, local initiatives, student communities, networks and platforms working at the local level, city councils and sub-councils which
undertake activities on local needs and/or problems with a rights based approach can apply to the programme.

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