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Open Call For Proposals “BİRLİKTE Local CSOs Institutional Support Program”

Last Update 25.07.2019

“BIRLIKTE: Local CSOs Institutional Support Program” is a new support tool for developing institutional capacities of local CSOs. It is designed by STGM as an output of almost 15 years hands-on experience on capacity development for CSOs, and entails a general operating grant scheme along with an institutional mentoring program.  

BİRLİKTE Support Program is being implemented as a sub-granting scheme within the context of a direct grant Project, “Strategic Capacity Building for Local/Grassroots CSOs: ad hoc Support Mechanism” funded by the European Union and implemented by STGM.Thus, STGM will act as the Contacting Authority, and will be responsible for the overall implementation of this program.


Aims and Target Groups

Via this program, STGM aims at:

  • contributing in the sustenance, carrying out their mission and contributing to the development/strengthening of the local CSOs engaged in rights-based activities.
  • supporting national CSOs, which desire to contribute to civil society through establishing collaborations at local level

Scope and Implementation

Two support mechanisms that will be provided by this program are:

  • General operating grant support to meet the basic needs of CSOs,
  • Institutional mentoring program to contribute to the development and strengthening of CSOs.

General operating grant support will provide financial support for CSOs to cover their overheads and costs of main activities. The concurrent institutional mentoring program, on the other hand will provide one-to-one support for each CSO to support their organisational effectiveness and strengthen their overall capacities.

No separate application will be required for the institutional mentoring program, and all beneficiary CSOs of the grant program will also directly become a part of the mentoring program.

For more detailed information, please consult the Guideline for Applicants (please see the link below).  

Eligible Applicants and Overall Budget

BİRLİKTE Support Program entails two Lots according to specific target groups:

- Lot 1: Local CSOs

- Lot 2: National CSOs

The implementation period of the support program is two years, with an overall budget of 1.269.000 Euro. Each beneficiary local CSO can benefit from a grant of maximum 30.000 Euro in two years term, whereas, national CSOs will be provided with a grant of max 36.500 Euro per beneficiary during only the first implementation year.

For more detailed information, please consult the Guideline for Applicants (please see the link below). 

Eligibility Criteria, Thematic Areas, Eligible Costs, Evaluation of Applications

For detailed information on eligibility criteria for applicants, eligible thematic areas, eligible costs and evaluation procedures, please consult the Guideline for Applicants (please see the link below). 

How to Apply and Deadline for Submission of Applications:

Application package, including the application form, budget table and other supporting documents should be submitted to STGM by registered mail or by private cargo companies, or by hand delivery.

The deadline for submission of applications is 8th January 2018, at 17:00 hours local time.

For more detailed information, please consult the Guideline for Applicants (please see the link below). 

For Additional Questions

Those who are interested to submit an application for the program can send their request for clarifications to by December 22nd 2017 at 17.00 hours. Questions and answers are collected in a single document and are published on the STGM website ( in the second day of the following week. The support provided during the application stage will be strictly limited to technical support for clarifying the terms and conditions of the program, and the application procedures. Under any circumstances, no support will be provided to advise the applicants on the content of their applications, in order to avoid possible conflicts of interest, and ensure equal treatment among applicants.

For the call published on STGM website, the guidelines for applicants, application forms and other documents, please click here. 

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