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Meetings of Support Program BIRLIKTE Continue Online

Last Update 14.04.2020

STGM BİRLİKTE (Together) Local CSOs Institutional Support Program team came together with 41 beneficiaries at online P2P meetings during April 8-10, 2020.

The meetings aimed to understand how organizations experience the COVID-19 era, what problems and challenges they face and which solutions they come up with. What changes emerge in target-group-needs and how they respond to these needs and challenges were also discussed at the meetings.

The meetings were held in 5 sessions corresponding to organizations working in five different thematic areas. The meetings revealed particularly the importance of solidarity, collaboration with different organizations and the need to use digital tools in addressing the current needs of their target groups. These online P2P Birlikte meetings also enabled organizations to discuss and address their resource needs and the fundraising and income generation tools they need for organizational sustainability, capacity development and for meeting the needs and expectations of their target groups.
At the end of the meetings the organizations expressed that they benefited from the meetings for they enabled mutual learning and solidarity even such solidarity is shown at online platforms.
Based on the assessed needs and expectations the Birlikte Program Team is now planning a comprehensive online training sessions on fundraising to be held in the near future. The series will aim at supporting the beneficiaries in their efforts of fundraising and income generations in the era of crisis, their communication, mutual learning and building cooperations.
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