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Listen Out The BIRLIKTE Radio in Coronavirus Days

Last Update 02.06.2020
There is this coronavirus crisis is on the agenda of the whole world which threatens our health and causes the death of thousands of lives, unfortunately. We think that we should take care of our mental health particularly with our body health in this environment of dense anxiety and fear while the new countries are adding to the list of where the epidemic has spread to and new cases and deaths are recorded to statistics.

We’re bringing into being our BIRLIKTE Radio to remember that we’re standing side by side and to blow off our steam and tiredness together in these coronavirus days. 
You could listen to the BIRLIKTE radio channel which will be broadcasted between 4-6:00 pm every weekday from this address:
Also, if you wish, you could listen to the broadcast via your mobile phone by downloading “listen2myradio” from Appstore or google play store. 
Let’s listen out the sound of solidarity and music together…

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