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International Amnesty Association: “No sale for Pepper Spray”

Last Update 07.01.2011

The Association made attention to abusive and right-contrast behaviors of pepper spray by security power. According to Fırat News Agent International Amnesty Association published a detailed report on gun trade of G-8 countries which the strongest attention goes to Germany.

It is reminded that nearly all gun trade is realized by G-8 countries in whole world. “Guns are sold to most complicated and poor counties. Rich ones should consider who they are trading”. Dr. Mathias John, from the association, is strongly claimed that “International media should consider Iraq example. The sold guns were seriously abused human rights is the area. There should be controls for gun-sold-areas”. The report added that countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia used “pepper guns” as a security mean which should be actually considered as abuse of human rights.

Translation: Demet Gülçiçek (Volunteer of Civil Society Development Center)

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