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Government is not cared for Discontents on Human Rights

Last Update 28.01.2011

According to Human Rights Report 2011 published by Human Rights Watch, people who express their ideas are heard in Turkey. Over 90 countries are examined in the report and followings are the conclusions for Turkey:

  • Government has not important solutions for Kurdish problem. After increasing tension, attacks to Kurdish people are organized in Dörtyol, Hatay and İnegöl, Bursa.
  • Especially journalists are not in safe if they express their own ideas such as Vedat Kurşun. A few webpage including youtube, also, is banned.
  • Turkey cannot be sufficient for protecting Hrant Dink. Deep investigations are not realized after his death in 19 January 2007.
  • Violence by police against protesters is an important problem. Rude behaviors are still maintaining during arrests and controls.

Translation: Demet Gülçiçek (Volunteer of Civil Society Development Center)

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