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Gender Equality Solidarity Network (AĞ-DA) Established

Last Update 30.06.2020

The "Gender Equality Solidarity Network", which was created in cooperation with the Ankara Solidarity Academy (ADA) and BİRARADA (the Association of Science, Art, Education, Research and Solidarity), was established with the participation of 38 non-governmental organizations and 53 academicians from different cities.

Established within the scope of the project supported by the European Union, AĞ-DA will work to contribute to the restoration of the relationship between the academy, which has lost power in the field of gender equality, and non-governmental organizations. 

The Gender Equality Solidarity Network aims to contribute to the development of the ability of NGOs and Solidarity Academies within the network to work together to cope with the barriers created by the political atmosphere.
In line with this goal, it aims to develop channels that will facilitate civil society organizations and academicians to share their knowledge, research, and field experience in the field of gender equality.
The activities to be carried out within the scope of the project are as follows:
  • Workshops and meetings to improve the organizational and institutional capacity of the participants within the framework of the principles of the network.
  • Workshops and meetings for capacity building in areas such as monitoring, reporting, policy analysis, rights advocacy to facilitate network members to cope with possible pressures and inhibitions and to develop channels of intervention in the political arena.
  • Field research that reveals the impact of the developments in the state of emergency and afterward on academics and non-governmental organizations working in the field of gender equality and aims to identify ways to cope with the obstacles created by the political atmosphere by creating common action strategies.
  • Online seminars to be organized on topics and contents determined accordingly with the needs of non-governmental organizations and young academicians.
  • Activities that support the establishment of a strong cooperation ground between academics and non-governmental organizations in the network.
  • Support for research, knowledge, and experience sharing, encouraging the creation of common areas of action.
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