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First year ended at CSO Resource Center

Last Update 01.08.2019

The CSO Resource Center project, which aims to strengthen the organizations, increase their impact, support their existence, has completed its first year.

In the first year of the three-year project, we worked with a team of ten people for hundreds of hours, and traveled thousands of kilometers. During this period, we came together with more than two thousand CSO representatives and more than seven hundred CSOs.

In a one-year period, we collaborated in capacity building and digital empowerment trainings with more than four hundred organizations, and provided support to more than
three hundred organizations. In our monthly webinars, we discussed the issues on the agenda of CSOs with our guests. We published more than one hundred fund announcements
that will be the source of the work of NGOs.

At the Civil Society School, which started with great enthusiasm in October 2018, we came together with 22 different organizations and brought together civil society actors with their
scientific and academic stakeholders. In the EU Support Unit, we provided institutional coaching support to EU-funded activities

One-year work of the CSOs Resource Center is as follows;

To access the PDF version of the image, please click on the attached link.

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