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Fake Black Eyes to Stop Violence against Women

Last Update 05.03.2012

Preceding the international Women's Day on 8 March, the Huni Project launched the "We give ourselves black eyes to stop violence against women" campaign on facebook. The participating users' profile pictures will be exchanged by photographs with black eyes.

The Huni ("Funnel") Project started a campaign against violence against women on facebook just before International Women's Day on 8 March.

The campaign is entitled "We give ourselves black eyes to stop violence against women". Between 1 and 8 March, facebook users are exchanging their usual profile photograph with a picture where they cosmetically gave themselves black eyes.

The photograph will be done with a simple make-up trick or with the help of picture editing software.

Huni is applying for the support of facebook users in order to carry out their project against violence on an international scale. The call for the campaign was launched in Turkish, English and French. It reads:

"We're giving ourselves black eyes to protest violence against women.

During the period between 1st and 8th of March, we are replacing our profile pictures with black eyed ones.

You can help raising awareness against domestic violence by changing your profile pictures and putting a black eyed picture of yours. This picture can be created either by using image editing programs or by a simple make-up. According to the reports conducted by Ministry of Family and Social Affairs of Turkey, 48.5% of women who are subjected to violence, don't tell anybody about it.

Please send this message to every single woman on your list and help us have their voice [heard]".

What is the Huni Project?

In summary, the anonymous creators of the Huni Project explain the project as follows:

"The project struggles for avoiding bad behaviour of people not because they are not able to do so but because they do not want to do so. It strives after the dream of an order where virtues are just as common as malignity".

The Huni project takes a stance against violence and especially against the reasons that cause people to resort to violence.

"Huni belongs to the tradesmen, the fetish, Huni is the most crazy of the crazy. It is the indicator of confusion and pays attention to the discourse of all groups. We believe that being happy involves objection (...)"

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