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Expression of İnterest We Stop Child Labour

Last Update 13.02.2020

About The Call 

Save the Children is committed to work for children’s right to survive, learn and be protected from harm. As Turkey Country Office, we aim to strengthen the preventative
and responsive mechanisms to protect targeted refugee, asylum seeking and most vulnerable host community boys and girls from child labour. To achieve this goal, we
form meaningful collaboration with relevant stakeholders including civil society actors.

This call aims to promote cooperative, innovative projects that contribute directly or indirectly to the elimination of child labour in the agricultural or textile sectors by

  • raising public awareness or futher developing the discourse on the elimination of exploitative child labour
  • cooperation with companies or business associations on the issue of the elimination of child labour
  • strengthen local partners such as ministries, subordinate authorities, non- governmental organisations and trade unions in their work to eliminate child labour; and/or
  • contribute to the elimination of structural causes of child labour and the promotion of children's rights in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The allocated amount for a project is between EUR 200,000 and EUR 300,000.

Purpose of the Expression of interest

The purpose of this expression of interest is to identify 1-2 local civil society organizations to partner with Save the Children for the purpose of this call in order to contribute to the elimination of child labour in including but not limited to agriculture or textile sectors and the promotion of children’s rights. The precise scope of the project is yet to be decided.

Selection process

Application submission will go through the following process:

  • Interested civil society organizations submit an application using the template below by the deadline submission date indicated below.

Expression of İnterest

We Stop Child Labour

  • Save the Children will conduct a review of all applications. Applications will be assessed based on the evaluation criteria and selected in relation to details of the call.
  • Save the Children together with the selected partner(s) will develop detailed project activities within the overall project scope.
  • Save the Children will work with selected partner(s) to assess their needs and capacities to fill into project design and support successful implementation.
  • Save the Children will sign an agreement to support and partner with the selected civil society organizations.

Evaluation Criteria

  • The organization applying demonstrate technical and operational capacity and knowledge in the field of preventing and responding to child labour;
  • The organization implements activities in areas relevant to the call, based on needs identified through an assessment or external resources;
  • The activities/programs cited by the organisation are in support of promoting child rights

Relevance, inclusion of child rights, cooperation, innovation and experience will be taken into account by Save the Children while evaluating applicants.

Aplication Process 

Questions regarding the clarification of requirements should be submitted by email to Questions can be submitted in either English or Turkish.

Submission Process: Applications are due 29 th January 2020, Wednesday at 17:00

Applications must be submitted in soft copy to the following email partnership- Applications can be submitted in either English or Turkish.

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