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"Civil Society During and After Pandemic" from Hrant Dink Foundation Webinar Series

Last Update 18.05.2020

The Hrant Dink Foundation started the webinar series with the title "Civil society during and after Pandemic".

The first guest of the series is Yoruk Kurtaran who is one of the founders of Support for Civil Society Foundation.

In the first meeting, the challenges experienced by civil society organizations, advocacy in Turkey and the world, financial sustainability, and new methods developed in communication are mentioned. In his speech, Kurtaran said that solidarity networks take effect in pandemic days in which the state doesn’t access, similar to the situation in 1999 earthquake instance, and emphasized that this solidarity network will continue in the future of this process.

 * The language of the video is Turkish.

While the second guest of the series is Ahmet Insel, in the interview, social movements and civil areas were talked. Insel, in his speech, expresses that he regarded the people who stated their evaluation about the social, political and economic manner by saying “Nothing will be the same.” as hasty, and claimed there will be surely a lot of changes after the pandemic but the important thing is pondering about it and naming, analyzing the situation properly.

 * The language of the video is Turkish.

The final topic of the webinar series is refugees. In the webinar, the situation of refugees in Turkey and existing policies are argued with Metin Corabatir from Asylum and Migration Studies Center and Pırıl Ercoban from Refugee Association (Mülteci-Der).

Ercoban indicated that there is a serious obstacle in reaching rights, notably health services, for undeclared refugees because of the suspension of the registration process in many countries. Corabatir who said there were refugees on the borders on the agenda of media before COVID-19, mentioned that the refugees are forgotten in the pandemic, even the state's social aids did not take them into account.

* The language of the video is Turkish.

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