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CISST Reports Coronavirus Complaints in Prisons

Last Update 05.05.2020

The Civil Society Association in the Penal Execution System (CISST) has reported problems with coronavirus in prisons. The report included information reaching the CISST Prisoner Hotline from 68 different prisons between April 15-28.

The report revealed that during the coronavirus outbreak, prisoners were restricted from accessing rights. It was underlined that the capacity problem in prisons has been going on for a long time and this situation brought with it many violations of rights. It was also stated that prisoners could not obey the social distance due to the crowd of the wards.

It was stated that adequate measures were not taken in hygiene rules in prisons, and that prisoners had difficulties in both cleaning and nutrition. In the report, which also stated that there were difficulties in accessing the right to health case examples of some prisoner; troubles were also included.

Click here to read the full report.*

*The report language is Turkish.
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