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A First in the History of STGM: We Completed Our Online Trainings

Last Update 18.05.2020

As STGM, we have moved our capacity building trainings to online tools in the pandemic while we are switching the home working system in the pandemic. During the past week, we broke new grounds in STGM history and conducted our trainings with online tools.

We performed three different training within a week and we have come together with civil society organizations from different cities of Turkey. We organized fundraising trainings within the scope of the Institutional Support Program “BİRLİKTE” and CSO Resource Center Project. We organized the “Participatory Methods” training at the “Civil Society School”

We organized the first of "Fundraising and Financial Sustainability Trainings for CSOs" between 12-13 May to contribute to strengthening the capacity of CSOs in resource development and management.

The session organized within the scope of the capacity strengthening trainings of the CSO Resource Center Project, which we are the coordinator of and funded by the European Union, was held by synchronous and asynchronous methods.

The training was conducted by STGM Capacity Development Coordinator Burçak Özoğlu, one of the founding members of our association, Sunay Demircan and financial advisor and independent auditor Ahmet Mısır. 

In the Civil Society School, Participatory Methods training was carried out in the moderation of Ulaş Bayraktar.

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